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This property is located in Live Oak County between George West and Three Rivers on the West side of Hwy 281.  This ranch is part of the Sunset Ranch, and has great access with 0.6 miles of frontage on Hwy 281.  It is a 5 minute drive to either George West or Three Rivers, both thriving South Texas towns.  It is an approximate 210 mile drive from Houston, an approximate 75 mile drive from San Antonio, and an approximate 65 mile drive from Corpus Christi.  Choke Canyon Lake, which has some of the best bass fishing in Texas, is only a 9 mile drive from the front gate of the ranch.


This 2,600 acres is the north pasture of the Sunset Ranch, an 8,700 acre property.  The entire 8,700 acres is high fenced, and upon entering into a contract with a buyer, the owner will complete the high fence to divide this 1,968 acre property from the main ranch, at no additional cost to the buyer.  The owner would also considering adding more acreage or selling a smaller sized property.


This ranch is a great representative of the South Texas Brush Country, and about 90% of the ranch has productive sandy loam soils. The terrain is made up of gently rolling hills with elevation changes of up to 100 feet offering beautiful views.  There are bull mesquite and hackberry scattered all over the ranch.  Native brush species include:  guajillo, granjeno, guayacon, black brush, prickly pear, coma, cat claw, lime prickly ash, mountain laurel, and Texas persimmon.  The brush does not get any better in South Texas.


This property has 4 water wells. There is a new well by the highway that produces 160 GPM, and an older well that produces 75 GPM. Another one of the wells is equipped with an electric submersible pump, and has the capacity to produce 15 GPM. This well supplies water to 20 concrete quail waters and cattle troughs throughout the ranch, via several miles of buried 1 and 2 inch pvc water lines. The other well is a nonfunctioning windmill that, when jetted recently, produced 10 GPM.

Game Management

This property for sale is the north pasture of the Sunset Ranch, an 8,700 acre property.  The entire 8,700 acres has been high fenced for the past 5 years.  During the last 5 years, the game management goal has been 2-fold: 1) To have the ranch producing 200 B&C bucks by the hunting season of 2011/2012, and 2) To have a sustainable quail population that produces large numbers of quail year in and year out.  The game management plan includes introducing genetically superior deer to the ranch, strictly and meticulously managing the native deer herd, installing over 90 concrete quail watering stations, and feeding protein.


After 5 years of heavy game management, and the release of over 250 genetically superior deer that are out of or bred to 200 B&C caliber bucks, this ranch will be producing 200 inch bucks by the 2011/2012 hunting season.  There is a large population of turkey on the ranch. The dove and quail hunting are also excellent. During the 2010/2011 quail season, it was not unusual to see 15 to 20 coveys of quail in a day of hunting.


The entire property will be high fenced with galvanized tight-lock fencing. There is some cross-fencing on the ranch, and a set of old cattle pens. There are approximately 7 miles of all weather caliche roads throughout the ranch. The ranch was “sculpted” with a Lawson aerator 4 years ago, and just last year the owners performed controlled burns on several sections of the ranch, encouraging more productive growth of desirable grasses for the quail population to thrive in, and dormant forbs to grow for the deer. There is a 3 acre high-fenced breeder pen with a water trough and Outback protein feeder on this property. Also, 4 fiberglass executive hunting blinds and 4 Outback one-thousand pound spin feeders convey with the sale.


The owner does not own any minerals, so none are conveyed with the sale. However, the owners do have a 1% carried working interest in the 3 wells on this ranch, and that interest will convey with the sale.

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